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Our luxury villas in Greece are in picturesque white-washed villages that tumble into the crystalline Mediterranean. Ruins marking the birth of Western civilisation are mellowed by unforgettable sunsets, and plates of the freshest fish, olives and figs are served with a welcome as warm as the climate.

Staying in one of our Luxury Villas in Greece will wake up your senses. In a country steeped in history, Ancient Greece was at the heart of the civilized world producing exceptional creativity in thinking, writing and theatre. A third of the population lives in the capital, Athens, a city dating back some 3,500 years. The city is dominated by the famous Acropolis with the Parthenon, which has stood for 2,000 years along with the nearby Agora which formed the political heart of ancient Athens. Artifacts from excavations of Ancient Greece form the priceless collections of the National Archeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benáki Museum. Nearby, the Temple of Poseidon towers over steep cliffs which tumble into the Aegean Sea at Cape Sounion, whilst at Delphi Ancient Greeks consulted the oracle at the Temple of Apollo.


History and beauty have always come hand in hand in Greece and staying in luxury villas in Greece is the ultimate holiday experience where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes with so much history to tell.

On the Peloponnese, Corinth is home to the Odeon and the Temples of Apollo and Octavia. Epidaurus is renowned for its magnificent 4th century BC theatre, whilst the Sanctuary of Asklepios was an extensive therapeutic and religious centre. Nafplio was shaped by the many struggles between the Turks and Venetians and houses Venetian castles alongside ancient mosques. Ancient Olympia is home to the original Olympic Games. The site includes the Temple of Zeus, the Palaestra -an ancient training centre for athletes, and also the Archeological Museum with a room dedicated to the Olympic Games.

The Greek islands, with names that conjure up images of crystal blue sea, fine beaches and white and blue villages, make the rest of the world seem grey and cold. Here, and in the rural backwaters of the mainland, life runs in the slow lane, much as it has done for centuries.

In our range we have Luxury Villas In Crete, Luxury Villas in Peloponnese and Luxury Villas in Mainland Greece.

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Featured Villas

Featured Villas

La Maison Renoir

Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 10

La Tortue

Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 8


Bedrooms: 8 | Sleeps: 12

Villa Cien

Bedrooms: 8 | Sleeps: 16

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