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From secluded beaches and crystal clear sea to fine dining and history, Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island that makes a perfect holiday destination for visitors of all ages. From swimming and scuba diving to horse riding and shopping, a trip to Sardinia can only be made better by choosing the perfect base from which to explore. We've hand-picked a range of luxury villas with pools that will ensure your stay here is simply perfect.

Luxury Villas in Sardinia

From secluded beaches and crystal clear sea to fine dining and history, Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island that makes a perfect holiday destination for visitors of all ages. From swimming and scuba diving to horse riding and shopping, a trip to Sardinia can only be made better by choosing the perfect base from which to explore. We've hand-picked a range of luxury villas with pools that will ensure your stay here is simply perfect.

On the north of the island discover the Roman architecture in the town of Olbia and stunning views from Cabu Abbas. Visit Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo for a shopping fix with designer shops, restaurants and small cafes lining the harbour – perfect places for watching the world go by.

Seven islands form the Maddalena Archipelago, a marine reserve since 1997. Rugged, jagged coasts, rocks hewn by wind and water erosion characterize this group of islands. Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria are uninhabited islands with marvellous clear water and secluded beaches making them an ideal site for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Venture south to Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital, for further shopping, cafes, a Roman amphitheatre and a fortified city centre and enjoy the island's many beaches, crystal clear waters and warm summer temperatures.

March and April
Holy week and Easter: time of great religious celebrations with processions
Alghero: Sagra del Riccio di Mare, a festival of the sea urchin in early March
Ollastra Simaxis: Livestock Festival in honor of St Mark on March 25th
Cagliari: important procession through the streets on Good Friday
Iglesias: Representation of the Iscravamentu and Incontru mystery plays on Holy Thursday
Oliena: costume procession S'Incontru on Easter Sunday
Santu Lussurgiu: Su Concordu features 15th-century psalms sung in Gregorian chant on Easter Sunday
Castelsardo: Luni Santu, a religious feast of Spanish origin on Holy Monday
Sant'Antioco: the island celebrates its patron saint's feast day at Festa Patronale on the 2nd Saturday after Easter
Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and RendezVous Gorde - 14-17 March
Rolex Cup Regatta (23-25 March 2012 - 39th Annual International Rolex Regatta)

Vela and Golf Porto Cervo - 11-13 May
Trofeo challange - 19th May
Cagliari: Sant' Efisio procession celebrates the end of the plague in 1656 on May 1st - 4th. The saint's statue is carried through the city and is then taken to Nora on an ox-drawn cart
Lula: one of the biggest processions in the region is San Francesco's feast day on the second Sunday of May
Bitti: Festa della Annunziata, a pastoral celebration of the Annunciation on the third Sunday of May
Onani: three days of Ballu Tundu (Sardinian round dance) on May 29th
Sassari: newer tradition called Cavalcata Sarda; "Sardinian Horseride", which has become one of the island's major folk festivals. Stalls and general festivities fill the streets and people from all over the island crowd the town, dressed in colourful costumes. On Ascension Day.

Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta - 4-9 June
Sardinia Cup Porto Cervo - 11-16 June
Coppa Europa Smeralda - 22-24 June
Audi European Champinship Meges - 28 June - 1 July
Santu Lussurgiu: Horse Festival with a handicraft exhibition on June 2nd and 3rd
Villacidro, Bonarcado, Burcei: on the first Sunday of June these towns celebrate the cherry harvest
Villanova Monteleone: Handicraft Fair on June 11th

Invitational Smeralda Porto Cervo - 6-8 July
YCCS Members Championship Porto Cervo (14-15 July, 21-22 July, 28-29 July)
San Costantino a Sedilo: Rural festival with a lively horse race to honour the saint on July 8th to 8th
San Sperate: Peach festival "Sagra delle Pesche" on the feast day of the town's patron saint July 17th
Alghero: Music festival with concerts in the Chiostro di San Francesco, July-August
Mogoro: Carpet Fair, one of the leading displays of Sardinian handicrafts in particular carpets, tapestry and hand-made furniture on two weeks in July or August
Fluminimaggiore: Classical music concerts held in the splendid setting of the Temple of Antas in July and August

Santadi: Mauretanian Wedding on August 1st to 15th. A ceremony dating back to the ancient traditions of the North Africans who inhabited the Sulcis region in Roman times
Aggius: on the first Sunday of the month traditional hand-made carpets and blankets are exhibited at Aggius
Desulo: Madonnna della Neve feast on the first Sunday of August celebrates the hardships
Jerzu: Sagra del Vino wine festival with costume parades, dances, traditional songs and Cannonau wine, August 4th
Baratili San Pietro (near Oristano): Vernaccia Wine Festival celebrates the local wine on August 6th
Zeddiano: Tomato festival "Sagra del Pomodoro" celebrates the tomato with outdoors served tomato-based dishes, accompanied by an exhibition of local farm produce
Sassari: "Faradda de li candelieri" Famous candle festival where candles weighing between 200-300kg are carried by members of the ancient guilds in Sassari. Each candle is decorated with the coat of arms of the guild and its patron saint. On August 14th
Nuoro: Processione del Redentore to celebrate Christ the Redeemer and performance local folklore on August 29th
Stintino: "Regata Vela Latina", regatta for traditional Sardinian fishing boats at the end of August. Revolver Golf Cup - 16-20 August

Serri: "Fiera del Bestiame", livestock fair on the day of Santa Lucia (third Sunday of the month)
Mamoiada: On September 27th the Mamuthones parate thorugh the streets in sheepskins
Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup - 2-8 September

Carloforte: Festa dell Madonna dello Schiavo on November 15th. A statue of the Madonna is worshipped as it passes through the town of Carloforte. The statue is said to have been sculpted by citizens from Carloforte, who had been kidnapped by pirates and held in Tunis

Suggested General Activities
  • Boat trip - discover Neptune's Grotto, an impressive deep marine cave in the sheer cliffs at Capo Caccia, which is only a boat ride from Alghero.
  • Trenino Verde (Little Green Train) - with a vintage steam locomotive explore some of the island's most scenic mountain areas. The train runs on scheduled routes, connecting Nuoro and Bosa, Sassari and Alghero, Sassari and Palau, and Cagliari and Arbatax.
  • Nuraghic village of Barumini – visit Sardinia's World Heritage Site, The nuraghic village of Barumini
  • Wellness – spend a relaxing day in the Baths of Sardara 
  • Beach – enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sardina (e.g. Stintino, La pelosa beach)
  • Wine tasting – taste the excellent red and white wines of Sardinia, together with typical cheeses and meats of the Isalnd 
  • Marina di Arbus and Piscinas - discover the wide sandy dunes of the area, which also is sometimes referred to as the unique desert in Europe
  • Shopping - spend a day discovering the various shops and boutiques of Caligari or of Porto Cervo (Costa Smeralda).
Suggested Sporting Activities
  • Golfing – you will find about 12 golf courses
  • Windsurfing – 5 windsurfing schools/ equipment rental
  • Diving – Costa Smeralda with its beautiful beaches and coves and crystal clear water is and great for diving.
  • Sailing – you will find yachts especially at Costa Smeralda in the Port of Cervo. Also visit the numerous ports of the island to receive information about the possibility to rent boats.
  • Climbing – the areas of Supramonte in Oliena and Dorgali, Monte Ortobene (Nuoro), the Gulf of Orosei (with Cala Luna and Cala Sisine, just to mention a few) and the “tacchi” in Ogliastra are particularly appreciated. 
  • Cycling – a great way to discover Sardinia is by bike. 
  • Horse riding - almost everywhere in the regional territory there are riding schools which offer all kinds of activities
  • Trekking – discover Sardinia’s landscape by trekking with a professional local guide. One of the best places is Su gorroppu, the unique canyon in Europe.
Selection of Local Attractions
  • San Teodoro, Lagoon
  • San Teodoro, Sea Civilization Museum – Open all year round 
  • San Teodoro, The Garden of Mediterranean Scrub – Open all year round 
  • Sassari, National Archaeological and Ethnographic "G.A. Sanna" Museum
  • Sassari, Art gallery "Giuseppe Biasi"
  • Sassari, Palazzo della Provincia
  • Cagliari, Archaeological Museum – Open all year round
  • Cagliari, Picture Gallery – Open all year round
  • Cagliari, Collection of Waxes – Open all year round 
  • Cagliari, Molentargius Regional Nature Park and Saltlake of Caligari
  • Island of Caprera, Garibaldi's house – Open all year round 
  • Bosa, Malaspina castle – Open all year round 
  • Alghero, Chiesa di San Francesco – Open all year round 
  • Alghero, Porta Terra
  • Golf of Orosei, Gennargentu National Park 
  • Nuoro, Ethnographic Museum – Open all year round 
  • Olbia, old town walls
  • Olbia, Roman baths
  • Iglesias, Museo delle'Arte Mineraria – Open from April to September


Time Zone

GMT + 1hour



Currency Information

The Euro (€) is the official currency of Italy. Coins are available in 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50, cent , €1 & €2 denominations. Notes are available in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500 denominations.

Money Matters

Travellers cheques are widely accepted for exchange or purchase in major cities, but in more rural areas, visit a bank to exchange them for Euros. Major credit cards are widely accepted here (though a limited number of merchants have American Express accounts) and ATM access is widespread. Exchange currency only at authorized outlets such as banks and hotels, and exchange only what you think you will spend in-country. Coins cannot be reconverted on departure. Save all receipts from any currency exchange transaction. You may be asked to produce them when you exit the country, and they are required if you intend to reconvert local currency.

Tipping Suggestions

You are not expected to tip on top of restaurant service charges, though leaving a small amount is common practice. If there is no service charge, you might consider leaving 10%/15%, but it is not obligatory. In bars any small change is left as a tip. Tipping taxi drivers is also not mandatory but suggested.

Arrival & Departure Formalities

Travel documents are your responsibility. In general you should have:

  • A signed, valid passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months beyond the completion of your trip. Your passport must have enough blank pages (excluding amendment pages) available for entry and exit stamps issued when entering and exiting immigration points.
  • Visas are required for certain nationalities and you are strongly advised to check your status allowing plenty of time for visa application.

In general, the climate on Sardinia is very mild with little difference between the various provinces. The summers are hotter on the coast and in the valleys than in the hills. It rarely rains in the summer months. The average temperature varies between 27°C and 33°C and can even reach 40°C. Spring and autumn are rainy and mild, however, there are still plenty of dry and sunny days. By May there is less rain and the days become longer with up to 10 hours of daylight. The average temperature in spring is between 19°C and 24°C, in autumn between 21°C and 24°C. The winter months alternate between rain and sun with an average temperature of around 10°C.

Click here for Temperature & Rainfall Charts.

Driving/Parking Info

There are some important rules of the road:

  • Traffic drives on the RIGHT. 
  • At crossroads drivers coming from the right have priority excluding crossroads with traffic signs/lights.
  • You should always be carrying in the car your driver’s license accompanied by the International Driving Permit, the car insurance papers and ownership (rental) papers.  
  • The minimum driving age is 18. 
  • It is compulsory for the driver and front-seat passengers to wear seat belts, and seat belts must be worn in the back where they are fitted. Children under 12 must travel in the back seats, unless the front seat is fitted with a child restraint system.
  • Headlights must be on all the time except if driving in a city during the day with good visibility.  
  • In the event of a breakdown a red warning triangle must be displayed in the road. 
  • National speed limit is 50kmh (31mph) in towns, 90kmh (56mph) on secondary non-urban highways, 110kmh (68mph) on dual carriageways, 130kmh (80mph) on motorways. Speeding fines: Euros 30 – 300.
  • For use of the highways it is invariably necessary to collect a ticket at toll booth marked “biglietti” before entering the highway. DO NOT pass under the lanes marked Telepass. Pay the toll at the exit. Payment can be made by coins or by credit card.
  • There are strict laws concerning drinking and driving. Blood alcohol levels must not exceed 0, 05%. There are random breathalyser tests carried out regularly by the police.

Parking - 

  • In many large towns, the historical town centre is subject to traffic restrictions (authorised vehicles only may enter) indicated by large white sign with a red circle saying “Zona a traffico limitato”.
  • Street parking is organized and designated with signs and by the colour of the lines for the parking spots. The colour of the lines on the parking space indicates the type of parking; white is for free parking, blue is for paid parking, yellow is reserved for special use.
  • Signs will tell you if you are required to pay or to use a parking disc to time your parking (more details below). In most regions, blue lines mark paid street parking. There will be a payment machine nearby. Place the receipt from the machine on the dashboard. 
  • In many towns, white lines mark free parking spots on the street but they may be limited by time. The closest parking sign will tell you if you must set your parking disc to show when you arrived. Set your parking disc to the time you parked and display it in the window. You must return within the maximum allowed time.


Featured Villas

Featured Villas

Casa na Colina

Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 8

Casa St Antony

Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 10

Chalet Hickory

Bedrooms: 2 | Sleeps: 4

Chalet La Bergerie

Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 10

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