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Villa Marciana d'Elba

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Elba | Bedrooms: 10 | Sleeps: 20

Rates: Rates available on request.

Villa Marciana d'Elba is a unique estate for very private holidays.
This reserved villa with incredible sea views allows to recharge and enjoy the very best the Tuscan sea-side has to offer.
Abercrombie & Kent is proud to offer the opportunity to experience this exceptional property, until now reserved to a few privileged.

Simple and clear with eccentric details, white yet with colourful highlights. Big windows and ample terraces overlook the 6 acres private park and crystal blue sea. It is difficult to capture the characteristics of Villa Marciana d'Elba. Understated elegance comes to mind, in line with the prêt-à-porter and luxury leather goods the family proudly manufactures in Italy. Perched above a picturesque fishing village, the villa eclectically mixes the typical Santorini blue-and-white architectural features with blatant Rationalism. The house only becomes visible when reaching the staircase leading to the main door as one is distracted by the huge column by famed sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro placed at the entrance. A welcome anticipation of the pieces one finds in the rest of the villa. The infinity pool (14x8m) is the actual focus point of the villa. The wooden deck, large bar, and long table provide a welcome playground where family and friends can gather until the early hours. From here one gets a sense of an easy life full of pool parties, pleasant meals and delicious wine. "The exterior and interior spaces are very convivial and always full of guests - and children, too!" proudly points out the owner. The ample garden mirrors the easiness one breathes in the villa. It is not too controlled and the Mediterranean scrub is used to emphasize the sloped terrain and to create partitions. A narrow path flanked on both sides by hedges leads to a tennis court built at the center of an amphitheater with Elba's granite, the same one used for the Pantheon in Rome.


     The main villa is about 720sqm (7,750sqft).

Ground Floor

  • Lobby
  • Bright and airy living room with comfortable sofas, dining table and huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the terrace and sea
  • TV room
  • Office area
  • Professionally equipped kitchen and pantry room
  • Two guest bathrooms
  • Staff bedroom with bathroom (shower)

First Floor
The bedrooms of the first floor are all accessed externally from various terraces. They all have their own private bathroom with shower and generously sized wardrobes. There are two master bedrooms and six further double bedrooms.

Pool Suites
Accessible externally and semi-detached from the main villa find two suites, both with their own private bathroom and terrace.

The pool area is surrounded by a teak wood floor and covered by an intricate game of white fabric providing shade. There is a bar with kitchenette and bathroom. The long outdoor dining table overlooks the sea offering one of the most enchanting views of the island.

The villa is encircled by 6 acres of private grounds. There is a tennis court enclosed by an amphitheatre and with incredible sea views. Surrounded by Mediterranean scrub find a barbeque area with pizza oven and dining table and chairs (on request). Further away find a secluded meditation area. Behind the villa find the kid’s play area with ping pong table and playground.

Additional Accommodation
The estate comprises also another building with four 1-bedroom apartments, ranging from 40sqm to 100sqm. Next to the tennis court there is an additional villa of 140sqm with 3 bedrooms. These are simpler in style and can be rented at an additional cost. They are not rented if the main villa is occupied.

  • Balestro del Girifalco, Massa Marittima:

Twice a year, in May and August, Massa Marittima comes back to the medieval times with an amazing centuries-old crossbow competition held right into the centre, including a medieval costumed parade and the show of the “Sbandieratori”, (flag wavers).


  • Argentario Sailing Week, Porto Santo Stefano:

Started in the early 90's, this regatta is reserved to classic and vintage yachts. Each year it gathers watercrafts from all over the Mediterranean which race against each other in one of the most beautiful coastal regions of Italy.

  • Morellino Classica International Festival:

International Music Festival held in various locations scattered among the Maremma region (parks, churches and historical sites etc.) which sees the participation of Italian and foreign renowned musicians.


  • Archeological nights:

The month of July sees special night openings for many archaeological sites throughout the Maremma region, including museums and parks like the beautiful Populonia which will feature unique events and special guided tours.

  • Vox Mundi International Folk Festival: (July and August)

This Folk festival gathers various kinds of musical performances from all over the world. Held in Follonica.

  • Mediterraneo Jazz Festival:

Young talented jazz musicians perform in various locations for the whole month of July rated by a jury.


  • Palio dell’Argentario, Porto Santo Stefano:

Traditional boat race between the four town districts (called Rioni) of Porto S. Stefano takes place. Very popular among locals and tourists as well.

  • Lirica in Piazza, Massa Marittima:

Live opera shows held in the squares of the old city centre of Massa Marittima.

  • Traditional procession in honour of the Patron Saint Lorenzo, Grosseto:

The “butteri” (local cowboys who traditionally used horses with a distinctive style of saddle) accompany the relics and the image of the Patron Saint.

  • International Blu Elba, Marciana Marina (Elba Isle):

A film festival dedicated to the sea and its marvels.

  • Balestro del Girifalco, Massa Marittima:

Twice a year, in May and August, Massa Marittima comes back to the medieval times with an amazing centuries-old crossbow competition held right into the centre, including a medieval costumed parade and the show of the “Sbandieratori”, (flag wavers.)

  • Fireworks, San Vincenzo:

The lovely seaside resort of San Vincenzo celebrates the “Ferragosto” (originally a religious feast celebrating the Assumption of Mary) with amazing fireworks which are set off over the water creating a magical atmosphere.

  • Rodeo of the Rose, Alberese:

A traditional race of the Butteri of Maremma, divided in two teams of horsemen, who contend themselves the Rose that each one has affixed on their shoulder.

  • Vinellando, Magliano:

Very popular wine and food festival dedicated to the wine of the region, Morellino di Scansano and featuring wine tastings, local food and awards for the best Morellino producer. Held at the end of August.


  • Argentario Polo Club International Tournament:

Each year some of the world’s best polo players gather here to compete for a trophy.

General Activities IN TUSCANY

  • Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella - visit the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella in Florence and discover all the different perfumes, herbals and soaps
  • Opera - head to Torre del Lago and attend one of the many performances based on plays written by Puccini (only in summer)
  • Wine and Olive Oil tasting - travel to Badia di Passigano and visit the abbey with its wine cellars before relaxing in the abbey's Osteria di Passigano, for a real Tuscan wine and olive oil tasting experience
  • The Chocolate Valley Tour - visit the Chocolate Valley which lies between Pisa and Montecatini and visit an esteemed factory where you will be tantalised by aromas and flavours of the process of traditional chocolate making and tasting session (not available during summer)
  • Carrara and Pietrasanta Marble - enjoy the marble caves of Carrara, the marble that Michelangelo chose to immortalise his masterpieces. Afterwards see artisans at work as you visit a Sculpture Studio in Pietrasanta
  • Fantastic Gelato - located in central Florence to visit one of the most well known " gelaterias"
  • Private Villa Concert - the ultimate Italian music experience in the intimacy of your villa. A Violin-Piano Duo, Harp and Flute, a String Quartet with Soprano and Tenor singers as well as Jazz and Neapolitan Folk formations can be arranged
  • Ferrari Touring - drive on winding roads through the hilltop villages of Tuscany, down cypress-lined avenues and along the coastal freeways of the Mediterranean…all behind the wheel of a Ferrari

Sporting Activities IN TUSCANY

  • Golf - 18 holes: 10 clubs; 9 holes: 10 clubs (golf is well established in Tuscany and a secret golfers paradise)
  • Jogging/ Walking - put your running shoes on and enjoy the beautiful countryside
  • Mountain Biking - many routes are on offer including challenging tours like the Monti Metaliferi
  • Horse riding - Tuscany is a paradise for going horse riding
  • Swimming - is offered in many touristic locations
  • Surfing - is possible along the Tuscan coastline
  • Diving - is recommended especially in the Archipelago della Toscana and the Golfo di Baratti
  • Tennis - is offered in many touristic locations

Local Attractions IN TUSCANY

  • Florence, Uffizi Gallery - Open all year round
  • Florence, Ponte Vecchio
  • Florence, Bargello National Museum - Open all year round
  • Florence, The Boboli Gardens - Open all year round
  • Florence, Santa Maria Novella - Open all year round
  • Lucca, Forte dei Marmi - beach and exclusive beach resorts
  • Lucca, Palazzo Pfanner - climb Giunigi Tower
  • Lucca, San Frediano Church - Open all year round
  • Lucca, Villa Reale Gardens of Villa Real - House and Garden open all year round
  • Arezzo, Gothic Cathedral
  • Arezzo, Main Square with Vasari's loggia
  • Arezzo, Mecenate Archeological Museum - Open all year round
  • Arezzo, Medieval and Modern Museum and Gallery - Open all year round
  • Arezzo, Petrarca Theatre - Changing program
  • Arezzo, Piero Francesca's fresco cycle "Legend of the True Cross"
  • Pisa, Campo dei Miracoli and Duomo - The Dome is open all year round
  • Pisa, Leaning Tower and Cathedral - Open all year round
  • Pisa, Zoological Museum - Open all year round
  • San Gimignano, Medieval Towers
  • Siena, Il Duomo - Open all year round
  • Siena, Piaza del Campo
  • Siena, Pinacoteca Nazionale - Open all year round
  • Siena, Torre del Mangia
  • Grosseto, Tarot Garden - Open from April to mid October
  • Grosseto/Maremma, Rocca di Franssinello - winery designed by Renzo Piano
  • Livorno, Fortezza Vecchia (Old Fortress)


Time Zone

GMT +1 hour



Currency Information

The Euro (€) is the official currency of Italy. Coins are available in 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50, cent , €1 & €2 denominations. Notes are available in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500 denominations.

Money Matters

Travellers cheques are widely accepted for exchange or purchase in major cities, but in more rural areas, visit a bank to exchange them for Euros. Major credit cards are widely accepted here (though a limited number of merchants have American Express accounts) and ATM access is widespread. Exchange currency only at authorized outlets such as banks and hotels, and exchange only what you think you will spend in-country. Coins cannot be reconverted on departure. Save all receipts from any currency exchange transaction. You may be asked to produce them when you exit the country, and they are required if you intend to reconvert local currency.


You are not expected to tip on top of restaurant service charges, though leaving a small amount is common practice. If there is no service charge, you might consider leaving 10%/15%, but it is not obligatory. In bars any small change is left as a tip. Tipping taxi drivers is also not mandatory but suggested.

Arrival & Departure Formalities

Travel documents are your responsibility. In general you should have:

  • A signed, valid passport that will remain valid for at least 6 months beyond the completion of your trip. Your passport must have enough blank pages (excluding amendment pages) available for entry and exit stamps issued when entering and exiting immigration points.
  • Visas are required for certain nationalities and you are strongly advised to check your status allowing plenty of time for visa application.


In general, the climate in Tuscany is very mild with little difference between the various provinces. The summers are hotter on the coast and in the valleys than in the hills. It rarely rains in the summer months. The average temperature varies between 27°C and 33°C and can even reach 40°C. Spring and autumn are rainy and milder; however, there are still plenty of dry and sunny days. By May there is less rain and the days become longer with up to 10 hours of daylight. The average temperature in spring is between 19°C and 24°C, in autumn between 21°C and 24°C. The winter months alternate between rain and sun with an average temperature of around 10°C.


It is advisable to contact your doctor before you travel if you have any specific health concerns and take out appropriate travel and medical insurance.


Electrical service in Italy is supplied at 220-240 volts/50 hertz - a converter/adaptor may be required.

Driving IN ITALY

There are some important rules of the road -

  • At crossroads drivers coming from the right have priority excluding crossroads with traffic signs/lights.
  • Always carry your driver's license accompanied by the International Driving Permit, the car insurance papers and ownership (rental) papers.
  • The minimum driving age is 18.
  • Traffic drives on the right.
  • Seat belts must be worn - children under 12 must travel in the back seats, unless the front seat is fitted with a child restraint system.
  • Headlights must be on all the time except if driving in a city during the day with good visibility.
  • In the event of a breakdown a red warning triangle must be displayed in the road.
  • National speed limit is 50kmh (31mph) in towns, 90kmh (56mph) on secondary non-urban highways, 110kmh (68mph) on dual carriageways, 130kmh (80mph) on motorways.
  • Speeding fines: Euros 30 - 300.
  • For use of the highways it is invariably necessary to collect a ticket at toll booth marked " biglietti" before entering the highway. DO NOT pass under the lanes marked Telepass. Pay the toll at the exit. Payment can be made by coins or by credit card.
  • There are strict laws concerning drinking and driving. Blood alcohol levels must not exceed 0.05%. There are random breathalyzer tests carried out regularly by the police.

Parking in Italy

  • In many large towns, the historical town centre is subject to traffic restrictions (authorised vehicles only may enter) indicated by large white sign with a red circle saying " Zona a traffico limitato".
  • Street parking is organized and designated with signs and by the colour of the lines for the parking spots. The colour of the lines on the parking space indicates the type of parking; white is for free parking, blue is for paid parking, yellow is reserved for special use. Signs will tell you if you are required to pay or to use a parking disc to time your parking (more details below). In most regions, blue lines mark paid street parking. There will be a payment machine nearby. Place the receipt from the machine on the dashboard. In many towns, white lines mark free parking spots on the street but they may be limited by time. The closest parking sign will tell you if you must set your parking disc to show when you arrived. Set your parking disc to the time you parked and display it in the window. You must return within the maximum allowed time.


The villa is located on the island of Elba, a mere 10km from the Tuscan mainland. The island’s history is strictly linked with the banishment of Napoleon, who reigned here for a mere 10 months in 1814 – enough to leave a permanent imprint on the island. Worthwhile visiting are his summer and winter residences.
The island has established itself as a refuge and is now a hotspot for actors, singers and VIPs seeking relaxation. Elba is incredibly beautiful, with small towns and castles set on hilltops while the interior of the island is full of old, little viewed churches.

The island offers 150km of coastline, with every kind of beaches one can think of: white or black sand, pebbled gulfs, or with granite rocks. The sea surrounding Elba is a paradise for water-sport fanatics; activities range from swimming in crystal clear waters to diving, sailing, surfing, fishing. The up-country offers several panoramic hiking trails, mountain-biking, horse-back riding and free climbing. Elba also offers a great variety of food and wine. The fish is fresh and you should not miss out on the caciucco (fish soup) accompanied by the local white or red wine.

Marciana is characterized by its buzzling port and offers an enchanting promenade that leads from the natural gulf with colourful houses to the 12th century tower, erected by Pisa against the Saracen pirates. The village is charming with its historic narrow roads, small squares, shops and restaurants. Elba and its main harbour Portoferraio can be reached via ferry from Piombino in just under 1 hour. In high season there is a boat every 30min. There are numerous harbours that enable to dock with private yachts as well.

  • The island has an international airport.
  • Marciana Marina is about a 20min walk downhill from the villa (2km)
  • From Marciana take the cablecar to the top of Mount Capanne
  • The medieval town of Marciana is 8km away
  • Portoferraio, from where to catch the ferries to the main land, is 16km away
  • The Caribbean like beach of Fetovaia is 20km away Nearest airport: 9km

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Availability Information

  • Our villas are normally rented on a Saturday to Saturday basis throughout the year. However, shorter breaks and alternative arrival days might be available outside the High Season. Please contact your Abercrombie & Kent Villa Consultant for further details.
  • Please note that the standard check-in time at our properties is between 4-7pm and that we ask guests to vacate the property by 10am on departure day, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Rates Information

  • The above rates are on a per villa, per week basis. For further information on our villa only and A&K hosted services please see our 'Villa Rental Options' page. An A&K Villas Travel Consultant will be happy to discuss your specific holiday needs – simply complete the quick ‘Make an Enquiry’ form or call us on 0845 618 2205.


  • Maid service daily.
  • Wireless broadband internet.
  • Cost of utilities (water, gas and electricity).
  • Arrival set of bed linen, bath and pool towels and mid-week change.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Use of the tennis court.
  • Central heating.

Your Villa Rental

Because everyone's concept of a villa holiday is different, we have created a formula to offer flexibility and the freedom to design run your own holiday or call upon us to help open up a world of possibilities.

Our Villa-Only rental option comes as standard and is ideal for those seeking pure independence whilst travelling.

Every A&K Villa Only rental includes:

  • Dedicated Pre-Arrival Concierge service
  • Villa rental on an exclusive basis
  • Utilities (gas, water, electricity), unless otherwise stated
  • Towels, pool towels and bed linen as standard
  • 1 cot & highchair (cot linen not provided)
  • An A&K Local Representative who is on call 24/7 in case of emergency. Your Local Representative will also meet you once during your stay (on your arrival weekend) to help you to settle in, explain Health & Safety and answer any questions you may have regarding the villa.

(In some cases an A&K Representative is not required as the villa will have its own competent, local manager.)

  • A 24 hour A&K Emergency Duty Manager contact service based in the UK
  • Comprehensive information book
  • VAT and administration charges
  • Villa's own services - please check what additional services are provided as standard with a particular property – such as maid service, usage of air-conditioning, central and pool heating, as these can vary from property to property. This information will be available online or via your sales representative.

Should you wish to further enhance your villa experience, our thoughtfully designed A&K Concierge Packages are the perfect solution for those seeking additional support and comfort during your stay. In addition to the amenities offered within the Villa Only rental, a large number of our properties offer the following packages of upgraded services including a knowledgeable local concierge, providing complete piece of mind whilst travelling:

Gold Concierge Package – seamless support throughout your stay...

Includes all of the Villa Only services, as well as:

  • A dedicated local A&K Concierge whose knowledge provides you with invaluable assistance and recommendations

Following on from your pre-arrival Concierge team, upon arrival you will be seamlessly handed over to your local A&K Concierge who will have been briefed about all aspects of your holiday.

Your local A&K Concierge will personally welcome you to your villa and can be called upon at any time to assist you in any way throughout your stay. This can include anything from confirming itinerary arrangements; suggesting, making and booking additional services locally as required, such as restaurant reservations, visits and guided tours; trouble shooting; language assistance; providing a check-out service, and much more.

  • Introductory morning orientation tour of local area with your A&K Concierge on your arrival weekend - the best way to familiarise yourself with the local area (own transport required if villa is not within walking distance)
  • Complimentary pre-arrival grocery shopping service. Simply tell us in advance what groceries you require and your Concierge will pre-stock the villa accordingly (cost of groceries excluded)

Platinum Concierge Package – creating your ultimate stay with complete convenience...

Includes all of the Villa Only services, as well as:

  • A continental buffet-style breakfast provided on your first morning, including a selection of breads and fresh pastries, cheese, meats, fruit, yoghurts and fresh fruit juice
  • A pre-stocked drinks fridge (typically consisting of four bottles of wine, beer, soft drinks, juices, mineral water)
  • Fresh flowers and initial provisions, including jam, sugar, olive oil, tea, coffee, vinegar as well as cleaning provisions
  • Starter pack of luxurious toiletries per bathroom
  • Daily maid service (Monday to Friday and on Saturdays for multiple week bookings
  • Mid-week linen and towel change
  • A light, self-served supper on your arrival evening pre-prepared by your Concierge
  • Complimentary mid-week grocery shopping service (cost of groceries excluded)
  • Complimentary private chef service for a lunch or dinner, once during your stay (pre-booking necessary; cost of groceries excluded)

  • Bar (Poolside Bar)
  • CD Player
  • Children's Play Area
  • Dining Area (Outdoor)
  • DVD Player
  • Pizza Oven
  • Sea View
  • Swimming Pool (Private)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis Court
  • Terrace
  • Terrace (Rooftop)
  • TV (Cable/Satellite)
  • Washing Machine & Dryer

Reasons to book your holiday with us

  • Over 50 years' experience
  • 24/7 support before, during and after your stay
  • All of our properties have been hand-picked and visited by a member of the team
  • Travel Consultants are based in the UK with local offices to assist with planning every detail of your stay
  • Option to upgrade to a Concierge stay to make the most of your visit
  • Option to book additional trips and services via our local offices

Call 01242 547 705 to speak to a specialist Enquire

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