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Lucy Dibbell

Sales Co-ordinator

About Lucy

I’ve wanted to travel since I was a teenager. In between various jobs in my career, I have taken the opportunity to travel where I can, and have backpacked along the east coast of America and Australia. Now I work in the industry and have great pleasure in being able to assist clients with their travel plans each day.

Talking points 

What is your favourite destination?

I like to visit different places, and appreciate different cultures, so I don’t have a favourite as such. If I could pick somewhere to go back to time and time again, however, it would be Ibiza. It’s such a pretty and mystical little island, close to home with gorgeous sunsets and happy people.

Which destination is top of your bucket list and why?

Costa Rica. I love the idea of staying in an eco-lodge and waking up to the colours and sounds of the rainforest each day. I think my daughter would love this too! It also has stunning beaches and great coffee.

Sun or snow?

Sun…but not always!  I really enjoyed my trip to Iceland and would like to visit more Nordic countries.

Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

Comfortable shoes, sunglasses, my kindle, headphones, and a small medical kit.

What’s your top travel tip?

Go with how you feel when you are there. It’s good to have made some plans, but sometimes you discover something that’s better. Try not to push yourself to do too much if what you really need is to just relax.