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Lose yourself in the temples of Corinth and know thyself in Olympia on a villa holiday in Greece

In Greece, plates of the freshest fish, olives and figs are served with a welcome dose of summer sun. And these are followed by dramatic ruins that are mellowed by unforgettable sunsets. In keeping with its mystical surrounds, our luxury villas in Greece lie alongside picturesque whitewashed villages that tumble into the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. From modern marvels in Mykonos to contemporary classics in Chania, our Greek villas offer the highest standard of elegance and comfort.

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About Greece

History and beauty have always gone hand in hand in Greece. Its capital, Athens, is no exception. At the heart of the civilized world, much of Ancient Greece’s exceptional creativity in thinking, writing and theatre began life here. This famous city is dominated by the crumbling stone Acropolis and the ruins of the Parthenon. They stand watch as they have done for over 2,000 years.

On the Peloponnese peninsula, discover the charms of Corinth, home to the Odeon and the Temples of Apollo and Octavia. Not far from here you’ll also find the Ancient Greek site of Olympia. The original Olympic Games took place here and the site includes the grand Temple of Zeus. The Palaestra was an ancient athletic training centre, but you won’t find any tennis courts or swimming pools here. You’ll have to save that honour for your villa!

Greece’s glittering islands offer a heritage steeped in mythology where landscapes spawn fantastic stories. And what truly mythical landscapes there are: crystal blue seas crash into horseshoe bays that are lined with soft white-sand beaches. With bright, vibrant colours the Greek islands make the rest of the world seem grey by comparison. Stay at one our of luxury villas in Greece’s largest island of Crete, or find a secluded getaway on the beautiful islands of Santorini or Mykonos. Offering a diverse range of places to experience how relaxing life can be, the only Olympic effort awaiting you is lifting that glass to your lips!

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