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Galatina, Puglia

The charming town of Galatina sits at the heart of agrarian Salento, an area rich in folklore, ancient customs, and pastoral traditions. Together with your guide, learn about Puglia’s rural traditions over a snack of pasticciotto. This custard-filled pastry is as much a symbol of this part of Italy as the croissant is of France. Before leaving Galatina, visit the frescoed Gothic cathedral of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, one of Salento’s hidden gems. Continue with your guide to Gallipoli, once part of Greater Greece, whose name means ‘beautiful city’. The historic centre, with its narrow lanes, baronial palaces, and dazzling white terraced houses breathes an ambiance of Mediterranean charm and seaside beauty. The waters off Gallipoli offer up a veritable feast, which you can discover for yourself down at the fishermen’s market, enjoying a glass of white wine and traditional dish of fish crudités, with a dash of olive oil and black pepper, directly in front of the stalls. 

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