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Italy delivers on its promise of la dolce vita. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, it’s brimming with culture, cuisine and character, and is the perfect place for a group holiday. Our portfolio of large villas in Italy features properties from the top of Italy to the tip of its toe; from seaside villas and city penthouses to rural retreats.

Tuscany in central Italy is typified by rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, so however large your party, you’ll feel surrounded by peace, quiet and space. This bucolic setting makes a romantic backdrop for a large wedding reception, and the famous vineyards of the region can keep your guests’ glasses topped up with exceptional vino. Many of our large villas in Italy are nestled in the Tuscan valleys, catering for group sizes from 12 all the way up to 38.

If you prefer a sea view, you’ll be spoilt for choice on the Amalfi Coast. The pretty pastel-coloured houses here cling to the steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Our large villas in Amalfi sleep upward of 12, and most boast balconies looking out on the impossibly pretty scenery. Alternatively, enjoy the island seclusion of our properties on Sicily and Sardinia. In the north of Italy, our large villas in Lake Como put you in easy reach of the wealthy resort towns, charming harbours and mountainous surrounds of the Lombardy region.

Luxury is the standard at all of our large villas in Italy. Wherever you stay, you can expect heated pools, private terraces, spacious and comfortable interiors and a stunning view to sing ‘o sole mio to. Explore our collection of large villas for rent in Italy below, or if you prefer, discuss your holiday plans with one of our friendly Villas team.

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