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Who could resist a beachside villa overlooking a golden sandy beach with azure sea and spare room to bring a friend?
Teenagers can be hard to please, but we know our luxury villas will score a swift Instagram posting. Images from a sparkling infinity pool in Greece or lounging under a cool cabana in Italy will instantly engage their friends.

You’ll find it won’t take long for devices to be discarded. The lure of the villas wifi will soon start to wane as basking in the saltwater pool or the chance to stroll into the local village with you for a pizza takes over. 

Book a villa with cottage and give your teens their first taste of independence. Days can be spent snorkelling or having tennis lessons all booked by your concierge. Savour family time with an alfresco dinner before choosing a movie to enjoy together in the cinema room.
Discover how villa holidays bring families together.

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